The improvements we made this year (referenced in my previous posting) bring up 
both worst-case and average performance of the K3S on all bands, at all power 

Regarding the Yaesu radio that hit -38 dBc worst-case using the same PA 
topology: luck of the draw. There are many factors, including things as 
esoteric as the quality of the ferrite in the output transformers. We've 
measured similar rigs from all major manufacturers that were right around -30. 
In addition, many radios will not hit 100 W on all bands, even at 14 V.


On Oct 14, 2016, at 9:30 PM, Wes Stewart <> wrote:

> Without too much elaboration let's just say that I discovered this problem 
> long before ARRL did.  (S/N 10020)
> I can tell you that my measurements show that IMD varies with Vcc (Vdd), 
> drive level, power output and frequency….

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