The cause for this is the use of 12V finals. It would be much improved by moving to 24 or 50V finals.

Move the /K3s II/ to 50V finals, say a pair of MRF 150's, limited to 150 or 200W max output. Design/Sell an outboard 50V switching supply capable of 15-20A continuous current, with a 10A 12V switcher built in for the rest of the radio.

On 10/14/2016 1:33 PM, Bill Leonard N0CU wrote:
I would not expect the synthesizer (old or new) to be a contributor the IMD
issue. Hopefully someone will correct me if that is a bad assumption. To me,
the primary issue appears to be the linearity of the two RF power

R. Kevin Stover
FISTS #11993
SKCC #215
NAQCC #3441

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