Dear OMs and YLs,
     I am not taking issue with what Howard is saying.   My operations are
different!    The reason for entering this discussion is that the battery is
being mentioned which I am more than pleased with for CW at 5 Watts.  I have
some observations and a question to finish with.

     First the battery pack appears to weigh approximately half that of the
KX3 battery pack and is physically half size.    I am most pleased at the
rapid charging time of about three hours versus up to sixteen hours for the
KX3 battery pack. From now on I will take the charger with me on trips - it
works from a wide range of line voltages. Different computer line power
cords for the UK, Europe and USA are easily obtained.  One battery pack
should do.   You can not run the KX2 from the Charger!!!   The charger is
light and small with the line cord being an unfortunate necessity.  

     Owning both a KX3 and KX2 my intent is in future to only use the KX2
battery pack with either radio.   Travelling by plane with KX3 may be a
problem in that the battery pack should be inside the radio.   The KX3 will
not be flying besides the KX2 is half the volume and weight.   Normally the
battery pack is kept external to the radio.

     Now this is not a comparison of like loads but I find that the KX2
battery pack will last nearly two pages of CW QSOs.  The life span of
batteries with the KX2 beats the life span of batteries with KX3 - this is
not a numerical judgement but one observed through operation.

     Does anyone in the UK or the greater EU have a source of the KX2 type
battery pack in Europe other than those sold by a UK official supplier?   I
want to continue using the KX2 charger.   Adding a connector is no problem.

Another KX2 KX3 topic:

     I find the KX2 an amazing wee radio.   My KX1 has gone to a new home
where it will be used on the trail.   I miss 160M and would probably like 6M
but to be honest TB is not used while travelling and the magic band QSO
style I find boring in Europe - no one rag chews.    

     Hopefully Bob Sherwood will do a review of receiver performance.   The
KX2 can not(?) match the KX3 but it is everything I require for portable
operations.   Maybe the KX2 underperforms the KX3 for QRP contesting or for
a DXpedition with large pileups.   It would be nice to know the RX figures.

    It was love at first sight when the KX2 viewed at Friedrichshafen.
This is a fun radio for someone interested in portable and especially tail
work.   Alas it is portable operations here.

              73 Doug EI2CN   KX2 SN 1000  Yes this is correct

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I have been running my KX2 with the Elecraft supplied batt pack for the
past two weeks and have a question for others using the same. I can run the
KX2 at 10W only till I have used 1.12 AH of the batt capacity and its key
up V=11.0 and key down is 10.3. At this time I can only run the KX2 at 5W.

I was expecting that I would be able to run the KX2 at 10W for a longer
period. I have repeated this through 4 recharge cycles and the results ar
the same. Is my batt pack showing reduced performance?

Overall I am very pleased with the performance of the KX2

Howard AE3T
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