In my opinion, a speaker should not "color" the audio response of the receiver.

While it is true that there is not normally much response above 4000Hz from a ham transceiver, the speaker should not be the limiting factor.

IMHO, the best characteristic of a speaker is the flatness of its response curve rather than its frequency range. A speaker with a flat response will allow you to hear the transceiver "as it should be" without distortion. So my vote is for "High-Fidelity" speakers.


On 10/16/2016 6:02 PM, MaverickNH wrote:
So aside from speakers that match the design of a transceiver, there seems to
be some difference in philosophy about frequency range. Palstar touts a
55-8000 Hz range while the Phonema and Elecraft speakers spec at 100-20000
Hz. Palstar says sound above 8kHz is non-communication noise.

So what's the verdict, High-Fidelity or HAM-Fidelity?
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