On Sun, 2016-10-16 at 23:32 -0400, Don Wilhelm wrote:
> Dave,
> While what you say (using the speaker as a filter) may have been 
> advantageous in the days when receiver selectivity was "broad as a
> barn 
> door".  I don't think that applies today for receivers have adequate 
> selectivity to do that filtering job.  Some low end receivers that do 
> not provide adequate filtering may benefit from a peaked speaker, but 
> that is not true of any of the Elecraft receivers.
> Besides, unless your "filtering" speaker matches the filtering
> provided 
> by your headphones, there will be a vast difference when switching 
> between the speaker and the 'phones.
> In modern days, a flat speaker response in the 300 to 3000 Hz range
> is 
> the best for communications.  If the speaker response is greater than 
> that range, it will not matter because the receiver will not produce 
> audio much beyond that 300 to 3000 Hz range.
> To me, the goal is a flat speaker response in the range that the 
> receiver produces audio.  The fact that the speaker is also flat
> beyond 
> that range is of no consequence unless that same speaker is also used 
> for Hi-Fi listening.
> 73,
> Don W3FPR

Hi Don,
I am saying that not using the speaker as part of the total
communications system is not effective use of hardware, having a speaker
that is flat beyond the audio output range of the radio is useless and
just runs the cost of the radio up.

You are assuming that receivers are all 300-3000, they are not, else
ESSB would never have come about.  We are not running broadcast
stations, we are running communications links.

Best communications is achieved using something close to 300-3000.  See:

In reality, it really would not matter if one put a high end stereo
speaker on the radio, assuming the radio were limited to 300-3000, (as
it should be), save a bit of amp noise leaking through...  

So, as I said in my original post, it is the most efficient use of the
hardware is to use a limited response speaker.  No need for high end
stereo speakers on a K3...  That said, I may put on some better speakers
on my K3 because in the long run it is a bit less stressful on my
ears...  :)

73's, and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)
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