On Tue,10/18/2016 2:04 AM, Edward R Cole wrote:
Interesting you bring this up as the KL7RA (sk) super contest station had acoustic tile on the ceiling in the room with six contest stations. I noticed immediately how nice voice sounded without echos off hard surfaces. Floor was carpeted.

Yes, this is VERY important in multi-op contest stations when operating SSB. The major issue is NOT sound on the air, but to minimize the sound heard by an operator while other operators are shouting into their mics. We contesters tend to get excited. Guys that have operated with the great operator Jerry, WB9Z, say that he doesn't need a mic! I visited W3LPL several years ago and noted no sound treatment at all in a room having only hard surfaces. I urged extensive sound absorbing materials.

The room should NOT affect on the air sound if 1) you're working a mic within about 2 inches of your mouth, 2) TXEQ is set so that you're not transmitting below about 400 Hz, and 3) mic gain and compression are set so that you get no more than about 10 dB on voice peaks.

73, Jim K9YC

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