The K2 uses a VCO locked to a PLL - not a TCXO.

The K2 is an analog transceiver, the KX3 is an SDR.
The K2 covers 80 through 10 meters with 60 meters and 160 meters optional. The KX3 covers 160 thru 6 meters. The basic K2 is CW only, SSB is an option. The KX3 is all mode - CW, SSB, AM, FM. The KX3 has a DATA mode with 4 sub-modes. The K2 frequency display is only for one VFO (yes there is both VFO A and VFO B but only one is displayed). The KX3 displays both VFO frequencies.

Which one is "better" is up to the user. Many like the analog transceiver and others like the enhanced features available with the KX3.


On 12/1/2016 4:09 AM, E.P wrote:

p.s is any one can tell me if the k2 have TCXO ?is the kx3 is better from the 
K2 ?in what way ? i may in the end order kx3 thank you elan g0uut
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