Here is the log for the Elecraft SSB net for 28 January 2018:

 CALL              NAME      QTH        RIG          S/N   

K4GCJ           Jerry   NC              K3              1597
K7BRR           Bill            AZ              K3S             10939
KJ4ZSI          Bud             FL              K3              4703
W7REK           Glen    AZ              K3              2843
N7BDL           Terry   AZ              K3S             10373
W1NGA           Al              CO              KX3             2829
K1NW            Brian   RI              K3              4974
K6VWE           Stan            MI              K3              650
WA2TWA  Mel             NC              K3S             11426
N4VSV           Haven   FL              Yaesu
WA9EBX          Larry   KY              K3              4309
N0MPM           Mike    IA              K3S             10514
Zl1PWD          Peter   NZ              K3              138
NS7P            Phil            OR              K3              1826

Phil, NS7P

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