Two questions?

After 18 years my K2 doesn’t turn on. I did it. I must have incorrectly wired 
the Serial cable. When it got plugged in - that did it.

There is power thru the Power button. With the radio disassembled to the main 
pc board, (sans everything that can plug into the main board) and power applied 
thru the 1/8” coaxial power connector power doesn’t seem to get beyond that.

I am not in a place where I can get more parts out on the bench, nor the 
equipment except for a cheap digital Voltmeter.

Question 1: Is there someone in the central Florida area who knows this radio 
and can shed some light on my problem?

Question 2: Is there someone in central Florida who repairs the K2?

Thanks for reading.

73 de Dave


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