If small is not the major consideration, and if you are running with the KXPA100 and have problems with RF pickup in your speakers, try the West Mountain Radio ComSpeakers - they are shielded. I have never had RF 'howls" from those speakers, but then I run a maximum of 100 watts.


On 2/22/2018 11:02 AM, Walter Underwood wrote:
Here is a copy of what I sent to the KX3 list less than 12 hours ago. I guess 
this is a frequently asked question. The original is here:


You will need external audio amplification, either amplified speakers or a 
separate amp. The KX3 phones output is 100 mW, not enough to drive speakers.

Wayne (Elecraft) likes the Chill Pills. I tried them and wasn’t fired up, but 
try them, they are cheap ($7).


I used a $10 amp and some simple Pyle speakers. I wrote up the whole thing on 
my blog. Works for me.


I’d also check out recommendations for amplified computer speakers from The 


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