*/This is subjective I offer it as my opinion I do *not* like the West Mountain Radio com speakers I have tried them on several of my radios and are back in the box in the closet.

What I found works with nice sound reproduction is the Jam plus (Bluetooth) wireless speaker you can plug in with a 3.5 stereo (male) both ends from the headphone out of the KX3 into one of the Jam plus.

They areĀ  small great sound ( full range) if you require com audio set the RX eq up to your liking.

The only draw back is mini USB port for charging will need power input for more than 4 or 5 hours of running off the internal battery.

A possible solution is a back up smart phone battery to power for long periods of operating or plug it or them I have two into the USB port on you computer if you have one along. The pair of Jam Plus will connect (pair) up together via there Bluetooth so the connection to the KX3 only needs to be on one of the speakers. Paring them requires a pair of the same speaker models.

I have not tried the pair on the KX3 in stereo to testĀ  RX split like when using the headphones. I have run the pair on a IC 7300 and so far this pair of speakers (and I have tried many many speakers on my 7300) these are the best so far.

Read the reviews see if this will work for you I think Wayne first brought these speakers to the group a several years ago.



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