The contest mode of RUMlogNG (for the Mac) can use the CAT interface to send CW. I used it during the ARRL DX contest and a number of other contests over the last couple of years, and it worked well. It seems to me that the CAT interface is a more reliable way of sending CW than toggling DTR. RUMlogNG also has a setup preference for both microHam and winkeyer, as well as CAT. Given that CAT works well, I've never tried the others.

73 Bill AE6JV

On 2/21/18 at 10:08 PM, (Brian Hunt) wrote:

You can use DTR keying as described in the thread or you can use the "KEY" macro in N1MM+ via the serial port CAT interface. I use DTR with my K3 but since DTR keying isn't implemented on the KX2, I use the macro. When using the macro the speed is that set on the K3 keyer and can be interrupted with the paddle. I have an example .mc file I can send if interested.
Brian, K0DTJ

On Feb 21, 2018, at 17:52, Bill DeVore <> wrote:

I’d like to start contesting and plan on using N1MM with my K3S. Is there any 
advantage on adding a
Winkeyer to the mix?

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