To add something to what Don said:

I've been using my KX3 with a USB soundcard (SoundBlaster SBx) for digital modes, and WSJT-X modes especially for about two years now. Before that I was using an IC-718 with the same soundcard. You don't need to spend over $100 for a specialty piece of equipment that basically does the same thing two shielded stereo cables, a KXUSB cable and a cheap USB soundcard does.  You can do it for anywhere from $20 to 60 bucks, the only criteria, at least for the WSJT-X modes, is that the soundcard must provide 16bit 48kHz audio.

That said, on MACs its been found that keeping the soundcard set to 44100 Hz keeps the computer from having problems with WSJT-X, no one's quite sure why.

K3s owners have it a bit easier, with the built in USB for CAT and audio.     K3 owners (without the USB KIO3B option) can use the same setup as my KX3.


Neil, KN3ILZ

On 3/10/2018 11:20 PM, Don Wilhelm wrote:
There seems to be an ongoing concern about audio levels for digital modes.  This is not confined to the SignaLink, but applies to any and all soundcards used for digital modes.

There are at least two audio level controls - the Line In gain, and the soundcard output level (set in the computer for most soundcards, but with the front panel knob on the SignaLink). There is also a 3rd control in the software application often marked "POWER".  Those should all initially be set midrange, and then changed a bit from there to produce 4 bars on the ALC meter with the 5th bar flashing.  That should keep you out of the clipping level.  If any controls are at a very high or low range, that is when you will run into clipping problems or insufficient audio drive.

For more detail and explanation of 'why', see the article on my website  Scroll down to the last article in the left column and click on the link.

Data mode operation does not require an exotic soundcard, most any will work.  The important parameter for soundcard data modes is the noise floor available for the soundcard.  Soundcards for Panadapter use need to have a sampling rate equal to (or exceeding) the bandwidth to be displayed, but that is not an important parameter for digital modes.  In other words, a 16 bit 32k (or greater) soundcard will work well for data modes.  The more expensive soundcards will likely have a lower noise level, but that is not guaranteed.


On 3/9/2018 6:58 PM, Bill Frantz wrote:
Since SignaLinks seem to be a continuing topic, one thing I noticed with mine is that the manufacturer seems to have been upgrading the design. When I first heard (probably from Jim) that there were problems with the SignaLink, I found a web site with directions for fixing some of them. So I warmed up my soldering iron and opened my SignaLink. When I looked carefully, every single one of the issues on the web site had been addressed in my unit.

I got a Tascam 24 bit device, which I used for several years, but it wouldn't work on my Linux BeagleBone, because of the lack of drivers. It worked well on my Mac. Now I'm using the KIO3B upgrade to my K3 and am quite happy with it. The SignaLink has moved to my portable KX3 station, where I'm looking for a smaller, lighter solution.

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