Hi Folks,

Just learning my way around the KRX3A.  For reasons I can't determine, it
stopped working on 20 and 17 meters.  Works fine on the other bands.  I
have tried with both main and AUX antennas.  I know it worked when first
installed.  B_SET settings all seem normal, mode, bw, atten, etc.  I can't
get it work work again. It has static when the AF Gain(SUB) is advanced,
but no indication on the S-Meter when B_SET selected on an S-9 signal and
no signal in the headphones on the Sub side.  Have I somehow got it
confused and it's trying to use a different band's lo pass?  I have not
experimented with "cross-band" sub rx operation.  Maybe I inadvertently
switched bands with SUB enabled and got it mixed up???  Dunno.

The manual is open on my desk.  Can't find anything that might be wrong.
Firmware is all up to date.

Any ideas?


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