Thanks for the like for the free 2nd edition.

I know many regard math as difficult, but a book I used when teaching at
Valparaiso Tech Institute was "Basic Math for Electronics by Nelson M.

It taught math by using many electronics formulas and therefore was
invaluable to help students learn electronics and basic math.
I believe the latest is the 7th edition. But I used the first edition.

I will have to look for a free download.

Dr. Don W4BWS

On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 11:14 AM, Mike Markowski <>

> Chuck and all,
> It really is a great book, the best I've found on the topic for my style
> of learning.  I really like math but also need concrete examples.  I like
> their approach of "here's how we might approach this," leading to
> shortcomings, to how to improve, etc.  Very methodical rather than jumping
> straight into the best solution without knowing where the model came from.
> In general, I find electronics learning - or really, learning anything -
> to be iterative.  I'd take the math class, then the EE and understand
> some.  As more math or EE clicked I'd understand the other a little
> better.  And so on.  At long last, I'm ready to compete with those kids who
> skated through university retirement is only a decade
> away!  Better late than never.  :-)
> 73,
> Mike ab3ap
> On 04/07/2018 07:17 PM, hawley, charles j jr wrote:
>> That’s a great book, “The Art of Electronics”. Horowitz and Hill, Harvard
>> and Rowland institute for Science. Interesting about the math. I learned
>> the math, though, in EE courses and found that to be a plus. Math with an
>> application.
>> Seemed like I was always taking the math course after I learned the math
>> the semester before in an EE course.
>> Anyway, I bought the book when I was already on the job and it was a
>> great source of ideas and understanding.
>> Chuck
>> KE9UW
>> Sent from my iPhone, cjack
>> On Apr 7, 2018, at 3:35 PM, Mike Markowski <> wrote:
>>> Many thanks to everyone who responded!  I have a clearer understanding
>>> now.
>>> It reminds me of my own EE student days.  I found learning electronics
>>> challenging because our texts started with math and the useful properties
>>> of this or that circuit kind of fell out as a side effect or mini-miracle.
>>> Then I discovered the text 'The Art of Electronics' which approached it
>>> from a different angle and things clicked much more naturally for me.
>>> I like Skip K6DGW's description of the two approaches to Elecraft as
>>> orthogonal.  So I think I get it.  Thanks, all!
>>> 73,
>>> Mike ab3ap
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