Good Evening,
    A tiny sunspot is fading and moving over the limb of the sun. SFU is at 69 but it did get as high as 76 during the week.  That is the highest I have seen in months.  Some solar wind has fed us ions so let's take advantage of them.  Hopefully the bands won't be too noisy tomorrow and my reach will be a little farther than last week.  The sun is coming back and is causing many changes.  The variety of bird songs has increased while some of the migrating birds are here to visit for a week before they move on.  Plenty of bugs for them to eat.  Hopefully they like biting flies because there are plenty to spare.

Please join us tomorrow on:

14050 kHz at 2200z Sunday (3 PM PDT Sunday)
  7045 kHz at 0000z Monday (5 PM PDT Sunday)

Kevin. KD5ONS

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