Edd Barrett <vex...@gmail.com> writes:

> My next question is, how hard is it to put this back into the stable
> branch?

This patch itself wouldn't be too hard to apply to elinks-0.11.
A much simpler patch is also possible if we can assume that
casting function pointers or integers to data pointers and back
preserves the values.  (POSIX guarantees this for function
pointers but ELinks has been run in non-POSIX systems in the
past.  AFAIK, nothing guarantees this for data pointers.)

However, some other parts of bug 764 have already been fixed in
elinks-0.12.  So we'd first need to make a list of those commits and
backport them.  Commit 1ec1dc43be13e062e18368bf05928ac95d7b7ba5 is
one of them for sure.

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