Edd Barrett <vex...@gmail.com> writes:

> Do you have a patch?

Please test the 0.11/bug764 branch shown here:
That should contain the required commits from elinks-0.12 and a
simple patch that fixes union option_value when ELinks start up.
(It makes some assumptions outside of standard C, but at least
the code should be more portable than in ELinks 0.11.6.)

I may make some further changes to the branch if I find a bug
there.  (That seems unlikely to happen before Friday though.)
When reporting results, please mention the commit ID you tested.

> I could try it on OpenBSD, which is mostly POSIX compatible.

If OpenBSD has dlsym(), then casts between data pointers and
function pointers have to work.

> Just out of interest, how stable is elinks "unstable".

For the last 12 months, there have been plenty of bug fixes
and almost no new features in elinks-0.12.  Crashes are rare,
especially if you keep ECMAScript disabled as is now the default.
I've been trying to keep track of regressions compared to
elinks-0.11; only bug 1066 (in IDN) is left, and I suspect
elinks-0.11 has a similar bug itself.  However, the future fixes
for bugs 1066 and 771 may cause new bugs.

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