Hello everybody, I have a problem and I can't find a solution.

The code consist in 3 modules. *Main*, *ItemList* and *Form*

The *Main* is the glue and message broker of the app. The other two are a 
list and a form to update the list.

The list has it's logic to fetch the results from an api, with all it's 
internal events that gets routed through the update function of *Main* with 
The form is exactly the same. With internal events to manage its state and 
an add button to trigger an HTTP POST request to update the database.

Everything is great and separated. But the problem is the "ADD" button. 
When I press it, I want to perform a post, and on the form event 
UpdateSucceed I want to update the list!

Here is the relevant code of Main.elm

update : Msg -> Model -> ( Model, Cmd Msg )
update msg model =
    case msg of
        FormMsg formMsg ->
                ( updatedItem, formCmd ) =
                    Form.update formMsg model.newItem
                ( { model | newItem = updatedItem }
                , Cmd.map FormMsg formCmd

        ItemListMsg itemListMsg ->
                ( updatedList, itemListCmd ) =
                    ItemList.update itemListMsg model.items
                ( { model | items = updatedList }
                , Cmd.map ItemListMsg itemListCmd

here is the update function of Form.elm

update : Msg -> Item -> ( Item, Cmd Msg )
update msg model =
    case msg of

        Add ->
            ( model, doAddItem model )

        UpdateSucceed newItem ->
            ( initialModel, Cmd.none )

I searched through the posts and everybody is suggesting to change the 
signature of the Form module update function, and return a third element, 
the outgoing message. I could go for it, but I really struggling to 
understand how to handle it in the Main update function, because one 
command is handled by the elm runtime on every message that arrives to 
update. I don't understand where I should manage this 2 different things to 
do when UpdateSucceed is triggered on the form. Re initialize the model in 
the form (clear the fields) and trigger an event that in some way gets 
routed through the Main module to the ItemList module.

Any help is appreciated, this is a personal project, so I'm eager to learn 
the most elegant way to handle this situation, and refactoring is not a 

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