Matteo, you're very welcome :)

Ossi, I have an idea that might help with the "tagger" parameter. The View 
module defines the type ViewMsg, which describes whatever clicks, hovers, 
and so on that you're interested in. This type is exposed along with view : 
Model -> Html ViewMsg (with Model being defined in that Common module I 
talked about above). Then it's Main's job to (1) a tagger to turn 
an Html ViewMsg into an Html Msg and (2) handle each possible (tagged) 
ViewMsg in update. The benefit is that Msg can be defined in, and private 
to, Main. Also, View is responsible for reporting what events could happen, 
and Main is responsible for determining if it's interested in those events. 
The first line of View.elm would be module View exposing (ViewMsg, view).

That's all speculative, I haven't tried this pattern and you should work 
through it before recommending it. But it sounds promising!

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