In elm 0.17.1, is it possible to send a message to the app from a spawned
process? If so, How? :-)

Some days ago I failed to do that. I wanted to implement a debounce module.
The rough idea was that from a message I want to debounce a spawned process
would start. First it will do a sleep and then it should message the app.

Spawning the process is required so in the next message of the user, the
previous "setTimeout" process can be killed. The Process.Id is needed.

I was forced to take a different approach. Basically, filtering the
outdated "setTimeouts". But I would really like to change that.

In case you want to see more source, the package is:
http://package.elm-lang.org/packages/bcardiff/elm-debounce/latest/Debounce .
And the spawn branch is as far as I got: spawning the process, getting the
Id, but unable to receive a message after the sleep.

Thanks in advance,
Brian J. Cardiff - Manas Technology Solutions
[ar.phone] 4796.0232 #BCR(227)
[us.phone] 312.612.1050  #BCR(227)
[email] bcard...@manas.com.ar
[web] www.manas.com.ar
[weblog] http://weblogs.manas.com.ar/bcardiff/

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