As far as Msgs go, why not just flatten it since it's, as you say, a simple 

type Msg 
    = NoOp 
    | Component1Msg 
    | Component2Msg

We decided to go down that route on our project and we currently have 10 
Msgs, and it will likely grow to be a few dozen. Unless there's a really 
good reason to refactor it, we'll keep growing that flattened list.

In regard to the rest of the app architecture and organization, we're 
experimenting with that as well and we think we have a good implementation 
going. I'm actually planning on publishing the decisions we made with our 
app as well as our repository with its git history so people can look at 
the history of how our app came to be.

Unfortunately, we're still 6-8 weeks away from getting it to a publish-able 
state so sorry that it's not much help right now.

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