I would still like to find a good way to structure messages.  I'm up to 146 
in the base Msg type, and it is not flat, by counting it seems that I have 
6 message types that just hold another message type for something further 
down, which average in size from 2 for 1 of them, 4 for 3 of them, 8 for 1, 
and 21 for another (and that 21 is growing as well).  I kind of namespace 
the message type by following a naming convention of 
`<SectionCamelCase>_<SpecificMsgCamelCase>`, like this set at the top for 
    | RoomList_Init Int (List RoomDef)
    | RoomList_Joined Int (List RoomDef)
    | RoomList_Parted Int (List RoomDef)
    | RoomList_Notif Int (List MsgObj)

It works, but does not feel right, like I feel the whole Room handling 
stuff should be delegated out too, but that just ends up going further out 
of 'flat' messages that everyone keeps saying to do here, but I really feel 
like that is the wrong way and about to swap all this to a tree of messages 
as the couple that are like that work really well...  >.>

On Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 3:17:23 PM UTC-6, Charlie Koster wrote:
> As far as Msgs go, why not just flatten it since it's, as you say, a 
> simple app?
> type Msg 
>     = NoOp 
>     | Component1Msg 
>     | Component2Msg
> We decided to go down that route on our project and we currently have 10 
> Msgs, and it will likely grow to be a few dozen. Unless there's a really 
> good reason to refactor it, we'll keep growing that flattened list.
> In regard to the rest of the app architecture and organization, we're 
> experimenting with that as well and we think we have a good implementation 
> going. I'm actually planning on publishing the decisions we made with our 
> app as well as our repository with its git history so people can look at 
> the history of how our app came to be.
> Unfortunately, we're still 6-8 weeks away from getting it to a 
> publish-able state so sorry that it's not much help right now.

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