On Monday, October 10, 2016 at 10:40:25 PM UTC+1, Peter Damoc wrote:
> Now, the next challenge is to figure a way to declare all this in Elm and 
> automate as much as possible the process of creating the custom components. 
> :) 

I think rolling these Elm web components by hand should continue for a 
while until issues are ironed out and the pattern becomes well established. 
I do think we could get to a point where a web component is just a bit of 
boiler plate around an Elm program, at this point a tool could be written 
to automate the generation of the boilerplate - or perhaps something added 
to the compiler to provide a way of indicating that a module defines a 
webcomponent and should be compiled as such. Perhaps a little to early to 
start down that route?

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