On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 4:57:45 PM UTC+1, Rupert Smith wrote:
> I think though it might make letting the consumer of the video component 
> customize its control bar difficult. I might like to do something like this
> video [ src "http://myvids.com/cute_cats.mpg"; ]
> [ videoControl [] [ button [ onclick Pause ] [ text "pause" ] ] ]
> Now how does the Pause action tell the video to pause?

Perhaps creating the video component needs to be done by first getting some 
kind of id to reference it by, then passing that id around:

In the model:

init = {
  videoComponent = Video.component

In the view:

 vidId = model.videoComponent
 video vidId [ src "http://myvids.com/cute_cats.mpg"; ]
[ videoControl [] [ button [ onclick Pause vidId ] [ text "pause" ] ] ]

in the update
  Pause vidId -> (model, Video.pause vidId)


Video.pause : ComponentId -> Cmd msg

The ComponentId can be an opaque type that has to get passed around and 
through every port call communicating with the component.

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