As mentioned in some recent threads [1] [2], easing functions for
animations have been an example of where functions in the model are
currently used.  An alternative approach is to use a union type to indicate
the easing, but a suggested shortcoming of that approach is that there
would then be no way for downstream developers to use their own custom

I was just thinking that this could be achieved as follows:

type AdvancedEasing a
    = Linear | InQuad | OutQuad | ...
    | CustomEasing a

type alias Easing = AdvancedEasing Never

apply : Easing -> Float -> Float

applyAdvanced : (a -> Float -> Float) -> AdvancedEasing a -> Float -> Float

In this way, the custom easing functions (a -> Float -> Float) are moved
from the model to configuration.

I was curious if anyone has experimented with this approach yet.


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