Listening on the error event on the window object should work (I'm assuming 
the error is thrown). I.e:

window.addEventListener('error', function (e) {
  // Not sure how to check if this is the error you're looking for (it might 
suck if it's triggered by some other runtime error).
  // Maybe a naive regex on the message text would do.
  if(thisIsTheErrorYoureLookingFor(e) {
    elmApp = Elm.Main.fullscreen(null);

elmApp = Elm.Main.fullscreen(startingState);


Den lördag 15 oktober 2016 kl. 19:20:11 UTC+2 skrev Kevin Berridge:
> I'm using App.programWithFlags to initialize the state of my model from 
> local storage (as described in this blog article 
> <>).
>  But when the schema of my model changes (ex: I added a new field to a 
> record type) it will correctly error out when Elm.Main.fullscreen is called 
> with error: "You are trying to initialize module `Main` with an unexpected 
> argument."
> I am OK with throwing away the state from local storage and starting from 
> scratch when this happens, so I tried to add a try catch in the JavaScript 
> but surprisingly (to me) the catch doesn't fire.
> try {
>     elmApp = Elm.Main.fullscreen(startingState);
> }
> catch (e) {
>     elmApp = Elm.Main.fullscreen(null); // this never gets called
> }
> Is there a way that I can catch this error?  Or do I need to use a 
> different approach?
> Thanks,
> Kevin

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