First, thanks for writing this up, Nicolas.  Org has been a bit slow
lately, at least for my part.

Perhaps, we should keep a file in org-mode.git which links back to
discussions (TODO.org).  There’s a couple of other things that we
discussed recently.

> ** Citations
> Development apparently stopped for some reason. We have a citation
> syntax for Org in wip-cite and some work done in wip-cite-awe and
> probably elsewhere.
> I think we could at least provide features defined in Org Ref using the
> new syntax (minus hydra/helm related functions).
> We don't need a silver bullet. Just something with a non-empty user
> base, and extensible. In any case, the work done so far shouldn't be
> wasted.

This is something I care deeply about, and I would like to work on it.
I’m a bit short on time these days, but still it’s the most important
missing feature IMO.

We sort of got stuck on syntax discussions the last time (besides
[cite]/[(cite)]), as well as tool choices (citeproc-java vs. some
org-specific Haskell implementation).

I would suggest we start with LaTeX, although it contains some danger of
making choices that are hard to make work with citeproc.  I’m not sure how
far Aaron got on this work.

> ** Annotations

I still don’t care for this, but no point in reiteration.

> ** Backslash escaping

Would be nice at times.

I strongly disagree with introducing XML or LaTeX like syntax as is
suggested a bit further down in the thread.

> ** Cache

Probably to complicated for me...

> ** Link hexification
> There are currently some subtle inconsistencies in link handling. See
> for example `org-make-link-string'.

Indeed, this is annoying.  Thanks for bringing it up again.

> ** Use lexical binding everywhere

Sounds good.  I am under the impression (from git log) that you have
already fixed a number of files in this regard, right?

> ** Find a solution for orgstruct minor mode

I would also try to dedicate time towards this.

> Org struct is really different from Org. It prevents Org from using
> better algorithms for outline navigation (see discussion about
> `org-show-children' on this list).
> I think Org struct should be removed from "org.el" (and org-footnote
> ...) and added in its own library.

I agree.  Orgstruct is powered by black voodoo.

> It should also be built on top of Outline mode instead of Org mode.

I don’t have an opinion on this.  Would you not think that it would be
better if orgstruct is a collections of functions that wrap around Org?  I
fear that if change X is made to Org, we would have to also implement the
change in orgstruct.

> Org, OTOH, should remove dependencies on Outline mode and implement
> better navigation functions.

Perhaps.  I don’t understand where the benefit would be.

> I have the feeling that Org struct will need to be rewritten almost from
> scratch in the process.

... Which is not all that bad.


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