Anders Johansson <mejlaandersj <at>> writes:

> I hacked together something like this a while ago when I needed to add
> inline-comments that would later be exported as odt-comments (but I also
> made it work for latex).
> I chose to implement it via a unicode-bracket ❰❙❱, like this:
> ❰Simple comment❱
> ❰Text that is commented on❙Comment❱
> ❰[Author] Simple comment❱
> ❰Commented text❙[Author] Comment❱
> These are inserted with a custom command to make it easy (including an
> author-history-list selectable with helm).
> I've put it up in a gist if anyone finds it useful:
> Cheers,
> Anders Johansson

But taking a look at org-annotate ( i
see that it is a much more complete first attempt at a solution. Stupid that
I didn't find that when I needed it this summer.

/Anders Johansson

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