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> - The only “off the shelf”-capable citation processing library that we
>   found last time is in Haskell, which introduced some difficulties for
>   distributing the resulting tool.  I know some projects
>   (e.g. git-annex) are written in Haskell and distributed as static
>   binaries for windows/mac/linux/etc.  We’d need to figure out how to do
>   this, or find another citation processing library in an
>   easier-to-distribute language.  (I should say, all the work on the
>   external tool was done by Richard Lawrence; I worked on the exporter
>   for the citation syntax including the interface with an external
>   tool.)

This is probably a very naive question, but wouldn't it be possible to
have a pure Elisp tool?  I understand that lack of manpower may be the
main problem; are there any others?

> - There is a difference between citations as done by latex/bibtex/etc.,
>   and those done in every other format (handled through CSL).  Assuming
>   latex users want to keep their native processing rather than
>   delegating to CSL, we need to solve the myriad small inconsistencies
>   between these two tools.  I think this is an area where it’s important
>   to get things right: users of citations generally have exacting
>   requirements.  “Approximately Chicago-style” or “almost MLA” aren’t
>   worth anything.

Out of curiosity: what is CSL?

(and count me in the number of people who say a big Thank you),

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