Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

> Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:
>> Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:
>>> I've tried more than once over the past couple of years to attack
>>> orgstruct mode, and been defeated every time. Largely because
>>> indentation/filling is so damn complicated (too many layers of
>>> indirection for my little brain), and orgstruct added yet another layer
>>> of indirection on top of that. I think a rewrite would not be a bad
>>> thing, and would be happy to participate.
>> Basically, OrgStruct is Org with a very limited syntax, i.e., it only
>> recognizes headlines and lists. OrgStruct++ adds indentation and
>> filling.
> Right, I'd forgotten the distinction. I really only use orgstruct for
> plain/numbered list editing (and I guess the occasional table), and
> filling/indentation is pretty key there.
>> I think OrgStruct may be redefined as an outline minor mode with Org
>> bindings. This is very different from Org. Even indentation and filling
>> should be new functions since Org's recognizes context that doesn't make
>> sense in OrgStruct.
> Would that mean that lists and tables wouldn't be supported?

Tables are handled with OrgTbl minor mode, which is unrelated to
OrgStruct mode.

Lists would require slightly more work, but should be supported in
OrgStruct mode. It implies to advise/hook Some functions from
org-list.el (e.g., to avoid checking about context besides other items
and headlines).


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