Aaron Ecay <aarone...@gmail.com> writes:
> - There is a difference between citations as done by latex/bibtex/etc.,
>   and those done in every other format (handled through CSL).  Assuming
>   latex users want to keep their native processing rather than
>   delegating to CSL, we need to solve the myriad small inconsistencies
>   between these two tools.  I think this is an area where it’s important
>   to get things right: users of citations generally have exacting
>   requirements.  “Approximately Chicago-style” or “almost MLA” aren’t
>   worth anything.

In my recollection, pandoc can juggle between CSL and biblatex. From the
pandoc manual:

| --biblatex
|    Use biblatex for citations in LaTeX output. This option is not for
|    use with the pandoc-citeproc filter or with PDF output. It is
|    intended for use in producing a LaTeX file that can be processed with
|    pdflatex and bibtex or biber.

Perhaps someone with more experience of pandoc could assess how well it
toggles between CSL and biblatex, especially for more complicated styles
(e.g., Chicago). 


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