Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:
>> I've tried more than once over the past couple of years to attack
>> orgstruct mode, and been defeated every time. Largely because
>> indentation/filling is so damn complicated (too many layers of
>> indirection for my little brain), and orgstruct added yet another layer
>> of indirection on top of that. I think a rewrite would not be a bad
>> thing, and would be happy to participate.
> Basically, OrgStruct is Org with a very limited syntax, i.e., it only
> recognizes headlines and lists. OrgStruct++ adds indentation and
> filling.

Right, I'd forgotten the distinction. I really only use orgstruct for
plain/numbered list editing (and I guess the occasional table), and
filling/indentation is pretty key there.

> I think OrgStruct may be redefined as an outline minor mode with Org
> bindings. This is very different from Org. Even indentation and filling
> should be new functions since Org's recognizes context that doesn't make
> sense in OrgStruct.

Would that mean that lists and tables wouldn't be supported? 

>> The one thing I like about the package (indeed, it's what the bulk of
>> the code actually does) is the ability to "pop up" a single annotation's
>> text in a small, easily-dismissed special-mode buffer. Also, to display
>> all of a buffer's annotations in a tabulated-list pop-up buffer, where
>> you can easily jump to/edit/delete the various annotations.
>> Obviously Org footnotes (and future annotations) have jump there/jump
>> back capability, but for some reason I feel much more comfortable with
>> this style of browsing.
> Have you tried C-c ' one a footnote reference? Unlike to C-c C-o, it
> will pop-up a dedicated buffer for editing.

Hey, I didn't know about that. That's pretty nice! It's not *quite* as
no-brainer as the special-mode popups, but definitely close enough that
there's no need to write anything else.

> However, there is no global view of all footnotes. If it is useful, it
> might be nice to add one and trigger it from, e.g., to
> `org-footnote-action's menu.

I can adapt the code from org-annotate. The unfortunate thing about
tabulated list mode, which I otherwise really like, isn't able to show
multi-line list items. That really crimps its usefulness in showing
footnotes and annotations, since you can only see the first line.

>> These new features aside, is there any need to do any fundamental
>> refactoring? I mostly mean altering existing Org libraries to use the
>> element framework, stuff like that...
> Of course. Refactoring (e.g., replacing `setq' with `let'), adding code
> comments, tests, using Element where applicable is always good. 

Okay. I thought there might be some big chunk of Org that needed to be
shifted over on top of elements.


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