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> Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2016 20:56:28 -0400
> >> Maybe there's a misunderstanding.  What Noam suggested was just to
> >> move the code which adjusts search_regs.start[i] and .end[i] to before
> >> the call to replace_range.
> >
> > Oh, right, that's also an option.  It might suffer from another problem,
> > which is that the match-data will be broken while the
> > before-change-functions are run, so if there's a save-match-data there
> > we're back to square one.
> Solution: adjust in between the before and after change functions.
> Patch below.  I think there shouldn't be performance problems, although
> it does add yet another flag to replace_range (by the way, I noticed
> that the MARKERS flags is never 0, so it's redundant).  I tested with
> the attached bug-23917-match-data-buffer-modhook.el.


Please also make sure bug#23869 is still fixed after this.

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