> From: nljlistb...@gmail.com (N. Jackson)
> Cc: 23...@debbugs.gnu.org,  Eli Zaretskii <e...@gnu.org>,  
> jwieg...@gmail.com,  rpl...@gmail.com,  monn...@iro.umontreal.ca,  
> alex.ben...@linaro.org
> Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2016 21:42:08 -0300
> Both the v2 and the v3 patch work for me with all my Org captures under
> my full config, and with the simple recipe under `emacs -Q".
> I'm not familiar with the details of the bug or the patches, but turning
> off checks doesn't sound right, so I've stayed with the v2 patch.
> I am now running the v2 patch as my every day Emacs.


Noam, I think this means your v2 patch can be pushed to emacs-25,
let's say by end of today.

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