> From: npost...@users.sourceforge.net
> Cc: 23...@debbugs.gnu.org,  nljlistb...@gmail.com,  jwieg...@gmail.com,  
> rpl...@gmail.com,  monn...@iro.umontreal.ca,  alex.ben...@linaro.org
> Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2016 21:08:43 -0400
> I made the same adjustments to the saved sub_start and sub_end
> variables, but I had a mistake in that adjustment which caused the false
> positives.  Fixed in the attached v2 patch.  We could just drop the
> check, though I've already found it useful to catch bugs
> (https://github.com/joaotavora/yasnippet/issues/720).
> If I drop the checks (see attached v3 patch), then after following the
> bug#23869 recipe, I get:
>     ## -*- Octave -*-
>     -module(bug).
>     -export([identity/1, is_even/1, size/1, reverse/1]).

OK, let's wait for a few days to give time to the people who were
affected by the issue to test the patch, and if no new issues come up,
please push the version with the error code to emacs-25.


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