When exporting images with captions, ox-html currently creates a strucuture
like this:

<div class="figure">
<p><img src="./images/hlevel.png" alt="hlevel.png">
<p><span class="figure-number">Figure 1:</span> "test"</p>

(I've tried setting org-html-html5-fancy" to t, but for whatever reason
this doesn't result in the useo f the <figure> tag. I tried with emacs -q
with no luck).

I would like to be able to give an additional class to the enclosing <div
class="figure">.  Any idea how i might be able to do that? As far as I can
see, org-html--wrap-image does not have access to the org link element and
so can't query for attributes.

I really appreciate any ideas! Thanks,

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