On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 3:09 AM, Christian Moe <m...@christianmoe.com>

> I don't think Org syntax provides any way to do this at present, but
> ignore the rest of this message if anyone knows better.
> Possible workarounds:
> block, to wrap the div.figure in a div.additionalclass. Not exactly what
> you wanted, and a pain in the neck if you have many such figures, but
> gives you enough to work with in CSS.

This does it for me, and actually makes it easier to delimit css classes
appropriately, so it's great, thank you.

> 2. Add javascript to move the extra class attribute from the img to
> the containing div.

Yeah I thought about it but haven't gotten around to it.

> 3. Write an export filter.

THis feels like what I should learn to do, but, well, now that you've given
me a workaround it's hard to get up the motivation to learn...

Thank you!!

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