Matt Price <> writes:

> When exporting images with captions, ox-html currently creates a
> strucuture like this:
> <div class="figure">
> <p><img src="./images/hlevel.png" alt="hlevel.png">
> </p>
> <p><span class="figure-number">Figure 1:</span> "test"</p>
> </div>
> (I've tried setting org-html-html5-fancy" to t, but for whatever
> reason this doesn't result in the useo f the <figure> tag. I tried
> with emacs -q with no luck).

It looks like `org-html--wrap-image' should be responsible for using a
proper "figure" element, maybe try edebugging it and see what it's
doing? This may be obvious, but the document has to be exported as html5
before html5-fancy has any effect!


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