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Agreed. I'd be curious to get feedback from users of prettify-symbols-mode, too. And to know whether your objections apply as strongly to just revealing the brackets when the point is on them (not when they are being moused over)

I don't use prettify-symbols-mode, but I am a fairly heavy user of AUCTeX's TeX-fold-mode, which hides all sorts of LaTeX code (and can be customised to hide even more in quite sophisticated ways). For example, it shows

   This is some \textit{emphasised} text.

   This is some emphasised text.

with the word "emphasised" in a different colour (to indicate that it's been folded) and with whatever fontification the argument of the \textit macro gets (italicised by default). Now, TeX-fold-mode has the behaviour you mention: as soon as you move point (not the mouse cursor) "into" some folded text, it gets unfolded (with | indicating point):

   This is some |\textit{emphasised} text.

with the part "\textit{emphasised}" highlighted to indicate that it's actuall folded.

Personally, I'm a *big* fan of this behaviour, even though I use visual-line-mode in my LaTeX buffers, which means that when text is temporarily unfolded, the paragraph may rewrap (and wrap back when point leaves the unfolded text causing it to be folded again). Since there is visual feedback (from the font colour) that some word or stretch of text is folded, I know that the text will unfold when I move point into it, so I don't find it distracting. The fact that the rest of the paragraph may rewrap is also not an issue for me, because I'm not actually focussing on that part of the text.

Personally, I've also always found it annoying in Org that editing around links (or emphasis etc. with `org-hide-emphasis-markers' set to t) is unpredictable and I never really understood why functionality similar to TeX-fold-mode hadn't been implemented. I thinks it's a very straightforward and easy to understand method for indicating which character point is actually on, making editing much more comfortable.

Just my €0.02, of course.

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