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> FWIW, I agree.  On the other hand, many people object to the brackets.

I don't mind adding a variable.

> My understanding of the problem is that when link fontification is
> turned on, it is impossible to tell between the two marked positions
> when point is in in a link like:
>  [[http://google.com][Search]]
> ^  ^
> My suggestion is that we solve the problem in a different way: by
> changing the color of the cursor when the text is inside the link.
> So, the cursor would be the default grey color at the first ^ above,
> and red at the second ^?  (Of course, the color we use for the cursor
> in links could be changed by customization).  It looks like such an
> effect is achievable by combining the cursor-sensor-functions text
> property with set-cursor-color.

That would only partly solve the problem. Cursor's color would tell you
where you are, but the dance (e.g., C-a or backward-forward) is still
needed to effectively move to the other side.


Nicolas Goaziou

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