> I'm trying to wean myself off of Wordpress for next year's teaching
> websites, and am wondering what solutions other people are using for
> turning a collection of org pages and/or subtrees into a static html site.

I use ox and ox-publish.  Since ox-publish can be recursive it's quite
versatile.  I use a lot of css as well.  Using special-blocks, you should
be able to make any look that you need.

> I am leaning towards Hugo but honestly not for any sensible reason; I've
> seen other people use Jekyll, though the fact that Github doesn't support
> direct conversion from org-mode removes some of Jekyll's appeal; and I know
> there are a number of other solutions too.

On my laptop, I just keep raw org files and sometimes html files.
ox-publish converts all org files and just copy over html, css and js

I push changes to gitlab which then builds the website using gitlab-ci.
Gitlab also deploys the website to my domain and works with Let’s Encrypt.


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