On 05/31/2017 11:00 AM, Matt Price wrote:
> I'm trying to wean myself off of Wordpress for next year's teaching
> websites, and am wondering what solutions other people are using for
> turning a collection of org pages and/or subtrees into a static html
> site. I am leaning towards Hugo but honestly not for any sensible
> reason; I've seen other people use Jekyll, though the fact that Github
> doesn't support direct conversion from org-mode removes some of Jekyll's
> appeal; and I know there are a number of other solutions too. 
> So, I would love to hear what you all recommend.

Maybe this is too primitive, but I keep all the content in one Org file
and export the text under each top-level headline as a single HTML page.
I use some simple macros if I need to export more than one top-level
headline. I keep the CSS code in a separate file. Keeping all the
content in one file makes it really easy to add new pages and edit old
pages. I use a preamble for site navigation.

Scott Randby

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