Allen Li <> writes:

> On Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 5:09 PM, Tim Cross <> wrote:
>> Let me try to clarify and see if that helps.
>> Org is only forcing time into UTC format for functions which deal with
>> time comparisons. i.e. those which use org-2ft. The reason for doing
>> this is to try and avoid issues relating to daylight savings timezone
>> changes when performing comparison operations.
>> It is not clear to me exactly how this is actually creating a problem
>> for your scenario as there does not seem to be anywhere in org where
>> values created by org-2ft are converted back to human readable time
>> strings. If you can provide more details on how this is a practical
>> issue in org-mode that might help.
> I think I made the problem quite clear multiple times.
> Assuming today is 2017-10-31, SCHEDULED<"<now>" will match results
> that have SCHEDULED=<2017-11-01> depending on your local time zone.

I get that, what I am not clear about is where you encounter this issue
when using org .eg. is it when entering now as a date for generating an
agenda of past or current scheduled items etc or is this a problem with
some custom functions you have written where you need to enter 'now'
manually and due to the use of UTC in time comparisons are forced to
adjust manually for UTC or something else? This is what is not
clear. From my own use, I don't see the issue you describe with
scheduled items not appearing or appearing when they shouldn't, so don't
know how to reproduce the issue your having i.e. when I do agenda
searches, I don't see deadline or scheduled items showing up when they
should not etc.

This matters because if the issue is the former, then we likely do have
a real bug. However, if it is the latter, then it may be a bug or it may
be just an implementation weakness or it could just be a difference of
opinions on how it should be.

Your examples don't clarify what the issue is. It is obvious that if we
convert times to UTC for calculation purposes that this will affect the
display of those timestamps, but as far as I can tell, org doesn't
convert back and use those converted values in any visible way. Provided
all values are converted consistently, it should not matter. Therefore,
if there is a problem, then something must not be getting converted
correctly, but it is not possible to narrow down where this is without
more info.

If you can provide an ECM then we can avoid assumptions and different
interpretations and focus on the issue.


Tim Cross

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