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> On Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 9:56 PM, Tim Cross <> wrote:
>> To correctly fix this, I feel more analysis is warranted. I'm prepared
>> to look at this and present a summary and options, but it will have to
>> wait until after 21st when I start leave from work. It is a complex area
>> and perhaps my skills won't be up to it, but I should at least be able
>> to identify the main areas needing attention/decisions.
> My initial approach would be to do some refactoring here, especially
> among org-2ft, org-matcher-time, and org-parse-time-string, each of
> which calls the others in a cycle and each share a part of the logic
> for interpreting Org mode timestamps.
> I'm not familiar with refactoring FOSS code via mailed patches, nor if
> Org maintainers would welcome such patches, but I would be willing to
> do some refactoring here.

I think what I will do is start with adding/extending the tests relating
to timestamps and clock tables. This should

- help ensure I understand the required functionality
- may help identify existing bugs
- help ensure any refactoring does not have undesired side effects or
  loss of functionality

I also suspect it will be a good way for core org maintainers to verify
I'm on the right track and haven't missed anything before making any
changes to the code base. I'm not a big TDD advocate, but when working
with an unfamiliar code base, I've found developing tests first is a
good approach to ensure you really do understand existing and required



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