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> I get that, what I am not clear about is where you encounter this issue
> when using org .eg. is it when entering now as a date for generating an
> agenda of past or current scheduled items etc or is this a problem with
> some custom functions you have written where you need to enter 'now'
> manually and due to the use of UTC in time comparisons are forced to
> adjust manually for UTC or something else? This is what is not
> clear. From my own use, I don't see the issue you describe with
> scheduled items not appearing or appearing when they shouldn't, so don't
> know how to reproduce the issue your having i.e. when I do agenda
> searches, I don't see deadline or scheduled items showing up when they
> should not etc.

It is when doing any kind of tag search.  So org-agenda, mostly.

I'm not surprised you cannot reproduce it because it is dependent on
your local timezone.

> This matters because if the issue is the former, then we likely do have
> a real bug. However, if it is the latter, then it may be a bug or it may
> be just an implementation weakness or it could just be a difference of
> opinions on how it should be.
> Your examples don't clarify what the issue is. It is obvious that if we
> convert times to UTC for calculation purposes that this will affect the
> display of those timestamps, but as far as I can tell, org doesn't
> convert back and use those converted values in any visible way. Provided
> all values are converted consistently, it should not matter. Therefore,
> if there is a problem, then something must not be getting converted
> correctly, but it is not possible to narrow down where this is without
> more info.

Ah, perhaps I should make the issue clearer.

When I run this at 2017-11-01 20:55:30

(org-2ft "<now>")

(org-2ft "<2017-11-01 20:55:30>")

Therefore when org.el does a tag search for SCHEDULED="<now>", it will
not match <2017-11-01 20:55:30>, assuming that I have frozen my system
clock to that time.

> If you can provide an ECM then we can avoid assumptions and different
> interpretations and focus on the issue.

Again, this is dependent on your local time zone.  Try setting your
time zone to America/Los_Angeles.

1. emacs -Q
2. Assume it is 2017-10-10 12:00:00 local time
3. Create an agenda file

* TODO thing
SCHEDULED:<2017-10-10 13:00:00>

4. M-x org-agenda RET m SCHEDULED>"<now>"


thing shows up


thing does not show up

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