took me the better part of the afternoon, but I came up with the
following approach:

* Was ist Virtualisierung?
- Aus der Wikipedia:
Virtualisierung bezeichnet in der Informatik die Nachbildung eines
Hard- oder Software-Objekts durch ein ähnliches Objekt vom selben Typ
mit Hilfe eines Abstraktions-Layers.

#+REVEAL_HTML: <div 

#+REVEAL_HTML: <div style="width:30%">
#+REVEAL_HTML: </div>

#+REVEAL_HTML: <div style="width:30%">
#+REVEAL_HTML: </div>

#+REVEAL_HTML: <div style="width:30%">
#+REVEAL_HTML: </div>

#+REVEAL_HTML: </div>

That resembles the slide from [0] to a certain degree. The three images
are centered, vertically and horizontally, even if they are of different
sizes. I'm not sure though how good the support for display:flex is,
esp. when it comes to mobile devices. And, for my taste at least, that
approach needs too much knowledge about style sheets. Still looking for
a nicer solution ;).


[0] https://www.c0t0d0s0.de/tmp/vm1.png

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