On 2018-02-11, Michael Welle wrote:

> Looks easy, eh? A header at the top, a footer at the bottom and a lot
> of space in between. In some cases, like in [1], I wanted content (e.g.
> <p>Ich...<br/>OS/2 Warp 4</p>) to be centered horizontally and
> vertically between the footer and the header.

I created emacs-reveal [0] for my own slides.  Contents are centered
vertically (default for reveal.js).  CSS with “text-align: center”
can be used for horizontal alignment.

The howto for emacs-reveal is available at [1].  First-level
headings are centered vertically and horizontally.  I just added
slide 20 with horizontally centered text (underneath a heading,
which—as ugly hack—could just be a non-breaking space I guess).

I hope that helps and would be happy to help more.  (Responses may
be slow in the coming days, though.)

Best wishes

[0] https://gitlab.com/oer/emacs-reveal
[1] https://oer.gitlab.io/emacs-reveal-howto/howto.html

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