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Jens Lechtenboerger <lech...@wi.uni-muenster.de> writes:

> On 2018-02-11, Michael Welle wrote:
>> Looks easy, eh? A header at the top, a footer at the bottom and a lot
>> of space in between. In some cases, like in [1], I wanted content (e.g.
>> <p>Ich...<br/>OS/2 Warp 4</p>) to be centered horizontally and
>> vertically between the footer and the header.
> I created emacs-reveal [0] for my own slides.  Contents are centered
jepp, I had a gander at that slides as well as at your slides for the OS
course. Great stuff.

> vertically (default for reveal.js).  CSS with “text-align: center”
> can be used for horizontal alignment.
> The howto for emacs-reveal is available at [1].  First-level
> headings are centered vertically and horizontally.  I just added
> slide 20 with horizontally centered text (underneath a heading,
> which—as ugly hack—could just be a non-breaking space I guess).
Well, maybe it's just me, but the headings do not look vertically
centered. They jump up and down a lot while flipping through the slides.
For slides with a lot of content the heading is a bit more to the top of
the page, for slides with less content the heading 'sinks down' to the
center of the page. If you look at page 20 the heading is just above the
vertical middle of the slide, not at the top.

That jumping of the headings is one of my main issues, I think it's not

I can glue the headings to the top of the page (setting reveal-center to
nil). But then I have trouble centering the content. I tried with
putting in an empty <div> of a certain height. That works, for certain
meanings of work. The trouble is finding the height, which also might
change with changing resolution and content.

I have the feeling that all that can be fixed with using flex layout.
That means changing the CSS entirely, I think. But that is a lot of
work. On the other hand, I'm not a CSS expert.

> I hope that helps and would be happy to help more.  (Responses may
> be slow in the coming days, though.)
No worries. Your help is much appreciated.


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