> LaTeX installed on any computer on which I was using org mode. I'd like to
> introduce org mode to a co-worker unfamiliar with the whole concept of plain
> text files, markup, and literate programming, etc. Would they need to install

Good to know people are more and more moving away from document writers
that tie them to speciific graphical user interfaces and going more
towards formats which are easy to read and edit even in plain text. ;)

> text files, markup, and literate programming, etc. Would they need to install
> LaTeX too, or is org mode self-contained and able to export to pdf without
> LaTeX an friends installed?

Well, you only need LaTeX for exporting. But if you do want to go
immediately to teach him how to export to LaTeX or to PDF in the first
lesson, then: yes, you need LaTeX to export to PDF.

I have also been writing a guide for Org mode and LaTeX for researchers
and writers, it's currently in Brazilian Portuguese and isn't as broad
as the info page in GNU Emacs itself, see [1]. Also, [2] has a more
advanced example of a work being done using (mostly) Org mode but also
LaTeX, BibTeX, TikZ and abnTeX2.

[1] <https://notabug.org/adfeno/Org_LaTeX_intro>.

[2] <https://notabug.org/adfeno/Trabalho_sobre_gestao_universitaria>.

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